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Even in an expat-friendly culture like the Netherlands, creating a life in a new country can be daunting: how do you find housing, deal with the healthcare system, operate a business, raise children, have fun?

The XPat Journal provides the information necessary for expats in the Netherlands to create the life they want.

We publish 4 times a year. The Spring and Autumn issues are a glossy print edition, and the Summer and Winter issues are published online.
Our clearly-written and well-researched articles have helped tens of thousands of members of the international community.

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Summaries from the Latest Issue of The XPat Journal

Living Under the Dutch Umbrella

The Dutch Social Security System If you legally reside and/or work in the Netherlands then, in principle, you are subject to the Dutch social security system, unless you are exempt under EC Regulation 883/2004 or a bilateral social security treaty (both of which you will read about further on). The same goes for your partner … Continued

The IamExpat Fair – The Hague

Saturday, November 10, 2018 at the Grote Kerk Another important day to mark on your agenda: November 10, for the IamExpat Fair in The Hague! The meeting place for expats and local businesses The IamExpat Fair is designed to support internationals in the Netherlands, and connect them with local businesses and service providers. This event … Continued

Preparation and Patience to (Re)Start Your Career

The signs are almost imperceptible. But we see them. The employment market is growing and opportunities for internationals looking for jobs in the Netherlands are increasing… incrementally perhaps, but we see the trend. Here at ACCESS, there is a slightly higher turnover in our volunteers. From within our own volunteer network, more people are finding … Continued

Het Gouden Kalf

In the world of wine & food pairing there are good restaurants, better restaurants and superstars. In the latter category we have the ultimate example in the harbour of Scheveningen. Chef Niels Schavemaker is one of a rare breed; not only is he a real connoisseur of fine and rare wines, he is also a … Continued

The Woman With The Red Pen

Stephanie Dijkstra has been Editor-in-Chief of The XPat Journal since its inception 20 years ago. During a FaceTime interview, Diane Lemieux set out to uncover the vision of the woman who has set the tone and shaped the unique quality of the Netherlands’ foremost English-language magazine. Stephanie tells me that living in Chile as a … Continued

An (Un)Done Deed

For many people, the topic of a will is a difficult one. As is the timely considering and arranging of a prenup or a cohabitation agreement. We would understandably rather not consider the unpleasant things that could happen to us, let alone make arrangements for them. Though it must be said, once we have taken … Continued

Ways to Employ International Talent in the Netherlands

Young professionals are moving to the Netherlands, attracted by opportunities to start a career at some of the major companies in this country. At the same time, there is a need for trained talent in today’s challenging employment market. Consequently, employers are actively looking for trainees, apprentices and graduates from all over the world. Obviously, … Continued


When a Dutch manager gives an ‘order’ to one of his or her colleagues it is always (no, there is no exception) met with the – one word only – question; “Why?” Could you make those photocopies for me? Why? Can you help me move those boxes? Why? I would like to turn up (or … Continued

Duineveld – Seaside Living

Seemingly endless panoramas, the rushing of the waves and the ultimate feeling of freedom. That is what living in Duineveld, an exclusive development just beyond the dunes in Noordwijk aan Zee is all about. Imagine this: your own characteristic apartment, built in the architectural style specific to Noordwijk, but with a Hamptons feel, where you … Continued

VERTICAL: ‘Green’ Apartments and Maisonettes

Presales Phases 1 and 2 in Full Swing Comfortable living in a building whose façade is covered in green and that has ‘high-rise’ gardens. All this is possible in the new construction project VERTICAL in Amsterdam Sloterdijk. So much interest has been shown for this construction project with its ‘vertical landscape’, that the presales of … Continued

Job hunting in the Netherlands

By Sevi Christoforou & Nannette Ripmeester There are currently abundant job opportunities in the Netherlands but, as with every country around the globe, there are some cultural norms that you have to take into account in order for your job search to be successful. Navigating the nuances might seem complicated at first but becoming aware … Continued

Communication – A Key to Successful Learning

Cross-Cultural Mobility International relocation and cross-cultural mobility provide both challenges and opportunities. For many families, these include coping with new jobs, a new environment, language and culture and, most importantly, settling their children into a new school. At American School of The Hague we are strongly committed to providing our students, parents and staff with … Continued