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Since 1998 The XPat Journal is the premier English-language magazine for expatriates living and working in the Netherlands. It brings you essential information on topics such as Dutch culture, legal and financial issues, international education, housing and health care. But also general information on living in Holland and fun things to do in your new home country.

The XPat Journal appears twice a year in print and twice as an online magazine.

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Summaries from the Latest Issue of The XPat Journal

Zoekjaar For Highly-Educated Graduates

The term zoekjaar – or literally translated “search year” – does not mean that rescue squads are out with helicopters scanning the countryside for missing persons for a year. Actually, it is more the opposite; the government is seeking highly-educated graduates with an advanced education who would like to work in the Netherlands after graduation. Think … Continued

Is There Such a Thing as a Typical Dutchie?

When is someone considered a real Dutch person – or Dutchie as they sometimes call themselves? Do you need to know the whole national anthem by heart? Or do you have to have visited the Rijksmuseum at least once? No, of course not. A real Dutchie is someone you can recognise by their behaviour, their … Continued

ASH Ex Libris

Back in the days when books were rarer and more expensive commodities than they are today, it was common to mark your books with a label bearing your own name and ¨Ex Libris¨, which means “from the library of”. While not as common today, some true bibliophiles still use these labels. At American School of … Continued

Friendly Neighbors

Expats who are settling in the Netherlands are often faced with cultural differences, especially when it comes to sensitive and private issues such as moving into a new home and meeting the neighbors. Take Fernando and Elmira, who moved into an apartment in Amsterdam. They were thrilled with the prospect of a cosmopolitan life with … Continued

Leeuwendael Animal Clinic

When you move to another country, there is often another very important member of the family who comes along: your pet. And you want to be sure of two things: one, that you will be allowed to ‘import’ your furry (or not) companion and two, that it will receive the best possible care in your … Continued

More than Half the Fun

As I sit behind my desk, I can see the snow falling. Beautiful big, white flakes. And I know the woods nearby will be full of moms and dads, dragging their kids on sleighs down the tree-lined paths to where they can race down the hills… Kids will be squealing with delight as they hurtle … Continued

Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide

It would be nice if the process of buying a house were simply a matter of “yes, I would like that one” and handing over your credit card. Though this may be the case for the top 1% wealthiest people in the world, the rest of us have to make sure we can get a … Continued

Sustainable Living in the City Center

The beautiful area De Stadhouders, located on the border between the lovely Statenkwartier quarter and Duinoord – one of the most popular living and work locations in The Hague – is on the market. We have compiled a layout book in order to provide you with a clear overview of the information. In this, you … Continued

From the Point of View of… Nancy Mayer

Nancy Mayer has a very special life; she makes a living teaching people how to sing. Or, in reality, how to find their voice. For she also gives speaking lessons. “Fantastic voices are really fun to work with, because you can do a different repertoire, but what is more interesting to me is the journey … Continued

Should We Share Everything or Not?

On January 1, 2018, a new matrimonial property act entered into force in the Netherlands. Until January 1, 2018, the system of general community property applied. It meant that all property and debts of the spouses became joint property and debts. A limited  community of property applies to marriages that are entered into after January … Continued

Your House on Wheels

One of the stereotypes that people have about the Dutch is that they are stingy or cheap. But in actual fact that is not true. The Dutch are among the most generous people in the world when it comes to good causes. In the so-called World giving index, the Dutch rank #7 in the world, … Continued

Easy Living…

Although The Hague is a booming city for expats, there is no realistic market for high-quality rental properties that can provide easy living for busy executives. Currently there are more than 50,000 expats residing in The Hague. The iamexpat fair 2017 at the Grote Kerk was buzzing with activity and well-crowded this year. Numerous commercial … Continued