That’s It, Folks


The XPat Journal adventure lasted more than 22 years, but all good things must come to an end.
In March 2020 the final issue of our magazine appeared.

Our website stays active though so you’ll be able to access our huge archive of summaries of articles we’ve published since 1998.


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Summaries from the Latest Issue of The XPat Journal

Audacious Foil

Most of my corporate presentations these days are fairly predictable and I suppose this one was no different – the room was configured in the usual way, with the long rows of chairs obediently facing the speaker’s podium, the huge PowerPoint screen hovering as backdrop, the pitcher of water by my side. Even the timing … Continued

You’re Only As Good As Your People

As I enter Café Rembrandt at Schiphol airport, I’m waved over to a table in the back corner by a burly, dark-haired man. This is Andrew Barker, the expat entrepreneur behind Ultra Ceil Cleaning Services (UCC). He shoots out of his chair to greet me, urging me to “take a seat, Mate.” We each order … Continued

From the Point of View of… Robin Pascoe

“You are NOT Robin Pascoe,” are words Robin has heard on more than one occasion. “Oh, but I am,” she answers matter-of-factly, “I’m just not the Robin Pascoe you have heard of.” Many expats have heard of Robin Pascoe, Expat Expert, author of several books covering topics such as creating a life, raising children, repatriating, … Continued

Cost Efficiency and Globalization: Expatriation on a Shoestring

It appears that the financial crisis is here to stay, and so is globalization – causing organizations to want to enhance the international character of their DNA. It is up to the HR and expat managers to make this happen, but they are limited by their board rooms’ suspicion when it comes to the high … Continued

A Treasure Often Overlooked

Until approximately ten years ago, higher education in the Netherlands was a treasure that was reserved for those who spoke the language of this country. This is no longer the case. More and more education institutions are offering English-language higher education; currently, in excess of 1,500 courses are on offer that cover just about everything … Continued

Carnival – Den Bosch Style

Beer Every year, in February or March, for three days, many towns in the southern part of the Netherlands are packed with people, dressed in all manners of strange costumes, while brass bands perform through the town streets and enough beer is brought in to float the country. The origins of carnival (carnaval in Dutch) … Continued

From the Point of View of… Neil Aaronson

Intrigued by his specialty, I have to ask what it means exactly: a Chair in Quality of Life. It turns out not to be quite as light-hearted as it sounds. Neil explains: “My work focuses on the quality of life of cancer patients. When it comes to cancer, people are primarily interested in survival, but … Continued

Henry Cutler’s Lucky Seven

How does an American man from Brooklyn, New York move to Amsterdam, marry a Japanese woman that he met on a 7-passenger ‘Conference Bike’, start a Dutch bicycle business and only seven years later receive the 2010 popular choice award for ‘Best Bike Shop in Amsterdam’? Meet Henry Cutler. Founder and Director extraordinaire of WorkCycles. … Continued

From the Point of View of… Jing Zhang

While weaving a path through the busy Hoog Catherijne ‘shopping mall’ in Utrecht, on our way to a quiet place for a cup of tea and our interview, Jing Zhang says: “I read your interview with the woman from Cyprus the other day. It was quite a story! I am worried why you would want … Continued

Running (or Ruining) Your Own Business

Yes, I know, there are many good things about owning my own business (will someone please remind me what they are?) – but right now I’m feeling a bit out of stock on positive reasons. I knew I was suffering from a severe case of self-employment affirmation deficit syndrome when people in the Netherlands kept … Continued

Robin Pascoe and Me

Robin Pascoe, the Expat Expert, has retired. Few will miss her more than I… We first met ‘on the page’. It seems appropriate now, looking back, that this was how her thousands of fans also met a woman they would soon consider to be a friend. For Robin did not only ‘speak to’ her audience … Continued

The Future of the Mortgage Interest Deduction

One of the most important reasons for people to buy a house in the Netherlands is the deductibility of the mortgage interest. It is, in fact, the third most important reason – after flexibility in location and the accrual of wealth. What Is the Reason for this Deductibility? At the start of the 20th century, … Continued