That’s It, Folks


The XPat Journal adventure lasted more than 22 years, but all good things must come to an end.
In March 2020 the final issue of our magazine appeared.

Our website stays active though so you’ll be able to access our huge archive of summaries of articles we’ve published since 1998.


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Summaries from the Latest Issue of The XPat Journal

Developing a School’s Greatest Resource

A passion for learning is something every teacher at The British School in The Netherlands (BSN) hopes to instil in their students, so it’s only fitting that school staff are encouraged to continuously develop and learn. Whether in front-line teaching or contributing to the school in another way, staff are nurtured and encouraged to continue … Continued

Dead Ball Tennis

“Shit!!!!!” I screamed, as only a New Yorker can. Okay, so I was a bit loud. Big deal. I couldn’t help myself. The damn wind forced my cross-court shot to go wide and I was pissed off. My double’s partner was pissed off too, but not about losing the point. “Sshhhhh!” she quickly responded, holding … Continued

It’s a Crazy Job Market, But It’s My Job Market

I came to the Netherlands to work. My friends from school were setting up a comedy theater, and – unlike anyone in the US – they were offering me a job. That’s how I got started at Boom Chicago. I came in their second season in 1994. The pay was low, but the housing was … Continued

Becoming an Entrepreneur

According to the website,, the number of self-employed persons in the Netherlands is growing explosively; approximately 130,000 persons start up their own company every year. 95% of these are zzp-er, or zelfstandige zonder personeel; self-employed with no personnel – hence the use of this acronym in the site’s name. As a significant number also … Continued

A Double Expat Event on November 2nd

“i am not a tourist” Expat Fair in Amsterdam For Expats Who Want to ‘Arrive’ Learning Dutch, finding a house, experiencing Dutch culture, making connections, solving immigration and tax issues… Everything is possible at Expatica’s 11th “i am not a tourist” Expat Fair in the heart of Amsterdam on Sunday, November 2. For those not … Continued

A New King

If you are hoping for an overdose of royal pomp, glittering ceremony and all the crowned heads of Europe at the investiture of King Willem-Alexander on April 30, you may well be disappointed. The signs were ominous from the first. The very day Queen Beatrix announced her decision to step down on her mother’s birthday … Continued

The New Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate

Mercedes-Benz has expanded the C-Class family with the new Estate. The Estate stands out with its clear and at the same time emotional, sporty design, innovative technology, variability and a load capacity greater even than that of the predecessor model. Its high-class, sophisticated interior makes modern luxury tangible with design highlights. With these qualities, the … Continued


When it comes to history, Zeeland, due to its location on (or, if you will, in) the sea, and with one part only accessible by tunnel or by driving through Belgium, has had quite a bit of interaction with nations and peoples that the rest of the country has not had. For instance, Veere; a … Continued

A New Location for International School Utrecht

Due to the huge increase in student enrolment, International School Utrecht will be moving to a new building this spring. A semi-permanent accommodation is being built at the Van Bijnkershoeklaan in the Transwijk area of Utrecht. This new modular building, designed by architect Tanja Wendt of architectural firm Van Hoogevest, will allow the school to … Continued

The Baltic Overture

A relative newcomer to the European Union, Lithuania will soon be ascending to the EU presidency. This small but proud Baltic state has gone to many lengths to meet the European standards for entry and has been monumentally successful in its efforts, as is evidenced by the upcoming incumbency. Despite this, little is known to … Continued

Education for Successful Expatriation:

For more than 25 years, expats (internationals) have been sharing their experiences through ACCESS in order to serve and help others who have arrived in the Netherlands to settle. During those years, we have witnessed many positive changes when it comes to international education. Not only in terms of primary and secondary education, with an … Continued

Cross-Border Employment

An interview with Inge Nitsche, managing director of the Expatise Academy for Education and Research on International Labour Mobility, about the increasing complexity of the job, the necessity of continuing education and the Expatise Concept of Learning. Expatise is a networking organization in which government, businesses and consultants cooperate in the fields of education and … Continued