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Since 1998 The XPat Journal is the premier English-language magazine for expatriates living and working in the Netherlands. It brings you essential information on topics such as Dutch culture, legal and financial issues, international education, housing and health care. But also general information on living in Holland and fun things to do in your new home country.

The XPat Journal appears twice a year in print and twice as an online magazine.

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Summaries from the Latest Issue of The XPat Journal

Living and Working in the Netherlands?

Enjoy the Best Healthcare in Europe When you move to the Netherlands, you are coming to live in a country that is widely-recognized for its excellent healthcare system. Over the past decade or so, the Netherlands has scored near the top in almost every ranking that compares European healthcare systems. High-quality healthcare, but at a … Continued

Summer in the City – Greens

Imagine a restaurant that serves only organic food and wine. You can arrive by car, bike, on foot or by boat. You can sit at leisure while the kids burn tons of energy in the play park next to the restaurant, or have them join you for a few tasty dishes. Utopia? No it’s called … Continued

Till Death Do Us Part??

As notary publics, we are often involved in the highlights, but also in the low points, of our clients’ lives. Such as divorce. A hotchpotch of rules, treaties and regulations applies – which requires the need of a lawyer who is specialized in international divorces to guide their clients through the whole process. Unfortunately, many … Continued


As the world gets smaller through our ability to travel and with the increased use of social media, being an internationally-minded citizen has become an essential part of our ability to succeed in life and to contribute positively to the world we live in. Accepting and appreciating different cultures – and indeed our own culture … Continued

Making Up Your Mind About the Dutch Healthcare System

The ones who have been to a Dutch GP already know I’m right; two weeks’ rest and a paracetamol are the most-prescribed medicine in the Netherlands. Living in Belgium it’s a different story. Going to your GP in Belgium almost always (I would say 90+% if not more) results in you walking out with a … Continued

To Your Health!

In most cultures, people have their own way of making a toast. People raise their glass and say things like na zradavi, egészségére, salud, santé, zum Wohl or ganbei. And proost! here in the Netherlands. These are all local expressions for wishing you good health. In some cultures, you look your well-wisher in the eyes, … Continued

Try a Little Tenderness

As a lawyer specialized in family law, I have often witnessed that the only option is to end a marriage or cohabitation, at least at the stage I finally meet the couple. Unfortunately, I have also experienced how devastating a divorce can be. Reason enough to always try to create a new focus among my … Continued

Creating Real-Life Learning Moments

With almost 1,400 students representing 60 countries, the International School of Amsterdam (ISA) offers numerous opportunities for students of all ages to become impassioned with life-long learning by experiencing ‘real-life’ learning moments that connect them with the meaning behind the curriculum and stories in their lessons. An exciting and popular way through which the school … Continued

Relocating Your Relationship

In Life, Love Is Not Everything, But Without Love, Life Is Nothing By Wills Langedijk Sharing new experiences, spending more time together as a family, and having to turn to each other because there is no-one else can bring you closer and make your relationship stronger. But we can’t ignore that there are relationships that … Continued

Visiting a Specialist

Taking Away the Sting of Insecurity As mentioned elsewhere in this online issue, there is no doubt that the Netherlands offers top-quality healthcare. Various studies are cited, to which we can add the following: according to the Healthcare Access and Quality Index (based on mortality from causes amenable to healthcare; in other words avoidable or … Continued

Duineveld // Seaside Living

Seemingly endless panoramas, the rushing of the waves and the ultimate feeling of freedom. That is what living in Duineveld, an exclusive development just beyond the dunes in Noordwijk aan Zee is all about. Imagine this: your own characteristic apartment, built in the architectural style specific to Noordwijk, but with a Hamptons feel, where you … Continued

Pastorale Delft!

Centrally located between The Hague, Rijswijk, and Rotterdam and within reach of Amsterdam, Delft doesn’t really require an introduction. This central location is further achieved by its closeness to two airports, a new underground train station within walking/cycling distance and the nearby highways A4, A12, A13, and A20. Delft has all the advantages of living … Continued