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Even in an expat-friendly culture like the Netherlands, creating a life in a new country can be daunting: how do you find housing, deal with the healthcare system, operate a business, raise children, have fun?

The XPat Journal provides the information necessary for expats in the Netherlands to create the life they want.

We publish 4 times a year. The Spring and Autumn issues are a glossy print edition, and the Summer and Winter issues are published online.
Our clearly-written and well-researched articles have helped tens of thousands of members of the international community.

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Summaries from the Latest Issue of The XPat Journal

Internationally-Diverse Staff Set New Standards in Childcare

For over a decade, Zein International Childcare has been the childcare provider of choice for international families living in The Hague and beyond. Founded on a dream – a vision to help children embrace the advantages that an internationally-oriented lifestyle can bring, Zein was soon recognized for their genuine understanding of the specific needs of … Continued

Changing Jobs As a Knowledge Migrant in the Netherlands

Maybe your employer is your sponsor and you think you can’t leave your job because your new employer has to be a recognized sponsor too (not all companies are sponsors). What, then, if a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity opens up with a company that is not a recognized sponsor? In that case, Payingit International can act as … Continued

Summer is Here at NEMO Science Museum!

NEMO Science Museum offers plenty of entertainment for the entire family this summer. The fact that science is fun and fascinating for everyone, is something visitors will discover as they try out everything themselves in the Amsterdam science museum. From July 7 through September 2, young and old can work together in the brand-new workshops … Continued

A Dead Duck

How many people in uniform does it take to kill a duckling? In the case of the duckling born on top of a five-floor block in Amsterdam west, the answer is 13 – which was certainly unlucky for the bird itself. It all began when a neighbour alerted the animal ambulance people to the presence … Continued

To the Rhythm of a Different Drum

The Grachtenfestival is an eagerly-anticipated cultural highlight of the summer here in the Netherlands, drawing in thousands of music lovers from all around the world. The ten-day celebration of classical and contemporary music, held annually in August, is set along Amsterdam’s historic canal belt, giving musicians the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform with the most beautiful … Continued

Work in Progress

In the past few weeks, has reported on the shortage of qualified teachers, and Amsterdam’s efforts to solve the problem by drafting in civil servants, students and refugees. We’ve written about the crisis in the hospitality sector, with cafés closing because no-one wants to waitress or wash up. The lack of qualified IT staff … Continued

‘i am not a tourist’ Annual Expat Fair for Internationals

Sunday, October 7, 2018 – Beurs van Berlage – Amsterdam On Sunday, October 7, 2018, the 16th edition of Amsterdam’s renowned i am not a tourist Expat Fair for Internationals will take place. Come to the stunning Beurs van Berlage in the heart of Amsterdam to explore what the Netherlands has to offer you! This … Continued

ZuidHaven in Scheveningen Harbor Will Be the Place to Live and Work

Right behind the dunes of the quiet Zuiderstrand and close to the lively quays and restaurants around the harbor of Scheveningen is where De Zuid is going to arise. This unique new neighborhood around the Derde Haven is being constructed in phases. After the successful launch of the first partial plan ZuidDuin, the preparations for … Continued

The Dutch Team: A Wheelbarrow of Frogs?

By Alette Vonk A German friend of mine came to work for a car company in the Netherlands. She was to head a relatively small production unit and expected that it would be fairly easy to manage this team of around 15 employees. To her frustration, however, it proved to be much harder than she … Continued

My Green Gig for the King of Orange

In general, Dutch bosses have a reputation for being non-hierarchical and down-to-earth. Even the Dutch prime minister is known for biking to work and cleaning up his own spilled coffee. Once, I hosted an event for a company with a new CEO who was almost too eager to prove how normal he was. The new … Continued

From the Point of View of… Ruby Vos

In our first interview, I asked Ruby to describe the Dutch in five words. With characteristic care, she gave the question some thought before answering: “Open-minded, liberal, frugal, environmentally and socially conscious and good business people.” What are five words she would use today? This time, Ruby does not need any time to think it … Continued

Peace of Mind

There is no doubt; a relocation or expatriate assignment to a new country is often exciting, an adventure of sorts. However, it does not affect all involved equally. When the thrill or adrenaline of planning, arriving and settling has worn off, a stark reality can overwhelm even the most intrepid of adventurers. Some will thrive … Continued