You Don’t Need to Cross Borders for Adventure

Ballooning: the oldest and most romantic form of air travel. And in the Netherlands, an unexpected opportunity for adventure.

Sky Balloon Flights is based in Tilburg in the province of North-Brabant. The company is run by Bram and his brother Daan, sons of the original founder Henny van Loosbroek. It is a family company of entrepreneurs and adventurers. Bram and his wife have, for past three years, taken their two young children to Ethiopia for five months a year to run a ballooning branch company there, in Abyssinia. In the Netherlands, they have been active and growing since 1984.

Yes, we see advertisements for balloon trips in exotic locations, but you don’t have to go that far for a great experience.

Come experience the magic of a balloon ride in the Netherlands

For readers of The XPat Journal, Sky Balloon Flights offers a 15% discount on their regular prices: € 125 per person for private group flights for two to 16 passengers, to € 149 for places on a scheduled balloon flight (with other passengers). Your balloon flight vouchers are valid for two years.

Sky Balloon Flights has over 30 years of experience in the Netherlands and hold a spotless safety record. You can make scheduled balloon flight from over 50 take-off locations in the Netherlands. Or for private flights, choose a location convenient to you (with exception of Amsterdam and coastal areas).

With the family, friends, as a company outing or client incentive trip, your balloon program includes:

  • Balloon flight with an average duration of 1 hour
  • Transport back to the take-off field
  • Traditional champagne ceremony
  • Certificate for every passenger
  • Passenger insurance
  • Enthusiastic and professional guidance by your pilot and balloon crew

For more information and flight schedule, visit, call 013 – 590 06 92, or e-mail

This offer is valid until January 31, 2016

Welcome on board!
Diane Lemieux
2015 Autumn

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