Where’s The XPat Journal gone?

From now, on the June and December issues will be digital.

Since September 1998, The XPat Journal® is the premier English-language magazine for expatriates living in the Netherlands. Every quarterly print issue of The XPat Journal contains high-quality and timely editorial content, articles, and interviews covering everything that an expat needs to know about living in the Netherlands: housing and health care, legal and financial issues, international education, expat management, employment, and much more.

In June 2016, we have made a big change.

Twice a year (in June and December), The XPat Journal will be a true digital magazine, and twice a year (in March and September) it will be a traditional, thick, glossy, in-depth print version.
We are happy and proud to announce that the first online version is now available!

XPJ June 16 onlineHow do I access the digital version?
Visit magazine.xpat.nl/summer-basic  and enter your name and e-mail address.
This will give you direct access to the online edition – and in the future you’ll receive a newsletter to notify you when a new issue is available.
It will give you a good impression of what the online magazine has to offer, but there is more: we also have a Premium version. You can find out how to get extra feature articles, more videos, more photos, and more inside knowledge when you sign in.

We invite you to explore our first truly online magazine and we encourage you to share it with your friends and fellow expats!

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