What Makes a House a Home?

When relocating anywhere in the world, for an extended period of time, finding a place to live is among the first steps which need to be taken. Intuitively we know this can be of vital significance in getting settled. More often than not, though, the urgency of having to find a place overrides moments of pause and consideration. Moments when the search should be defined not simply by considerations of budget, space and accessibility but, also, by one’s gut feelings: is it attractive to us? Can we re-create, in some way, that with which we are familiar? Will we be able to function on a daily basis – as we are accustomed to? Is what we need, close by?


The line between hard considerations and soft factors is not a strict one, but we are often programmed to consider the hard ones first, and assume the soft ones will follow. In many cases this is certainly true, or we will make the best of a situation and make it true. However, taking a moment to think about the softer factors while pounding the pavement with a list of hard factors will, in the end, go a long way towards helping you get settled – and making your new place a home, even if for a limited period of time.



2018 Winter

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