What Does Wellness Mean To You?

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Is it:

the endorphin rush you feel after a good workout or yoga session?
the relaxing of the body achieved by languishing in a sauna?
or a content feeling from being massaged by an experienced masseuse?

Holistic Approach

It could be all three – wellness can be defined as the body, mind and spirit meeting in an environment conducive to producing a holistic balance and state of well-being. With a rich history dating back to the Ancient Greeks, wellness encompasses fitness, spas and beauty therapies and is well known to be beneficial for a person’s health and state of mind.

Where Can I find Wellness in The Hague?

Wellness has arrived in The Hague in the form of Caesar Fitness + Spa Resort. The luxurious resort is located on the Mauritskade on the former site of the old swimming baths. Hague history and the memories of many are infused into the new building through the reconstruction of the 1883 swimming pool with its panelled interior and the original cast iron columns. The four-month-old resort is the brainchild of Dutch entrepreneur Hans van Os. Together with Annemarie ten Kate, he has created a stylish oasis in the heart of the city. Whether in fitness, spa or relaxation, the friendly staff of Caesar endeavour to meet and exceed your every desire in wellness.

Picture a Day at Caesar Fitness + Spa Resort

First to energise yourself, take a yoga class or personal training session; their instructors will walk you through the steps to bring your body into perfect balance. Take a sauna in one of their six different saunas. Then picture yourself surrounded by bubbles as you sink further into the whirlpool and gaze at the swimmers doing lengths in the pool. Relax a while longer before heading for your spa treatment. Experience the Hammam oriental bath ritual with water and scrub treatment, and being soaped up on a hot marble slab. Slowly sip a glass of water or herbal tea before walking to the stylish À la Carte restaurant to complete your day with delicious cuisine, and a glass of specially selected wine.

Let the glow of a day well spent on yourself and your well being enrich your life.

Why not make a day of wellness a regular occurrence?

You can do this by becoming a member of Caesar Fitness & Spa Resort. What are you waiting for?

Balance your body and mind today.

Caesar Fitness & Spa Resort
Mauritskade 10
2514 HC The Hague
+(31)70 82 09 910


Sally Squirrel
2014 Summer

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