Unique Books About Holland by Frans Lemmens

In the Autumn 2019 issue of The XPat Journal, you can read our interview with National Geographic photographer Frans Lemmens.

Frans’s books on the Netherlands include The Netherlands at Its Best, which brings you not only aerial views of villages, the Afsluitdijk dike that connects the province of North-Holland with the province of Friesland, still or busy waterways, and isolated homes surrounded by stunning nature – but also of the people of this country, enjoying the New Year’s Dive in Scheveningen, cycling across the country, and skating in traditional garb, as well as national figures such as St. Nicholas, the country’s King and Queen, and the country’s other inhabitants; horses, cows, beavers, birds, and more.

Another beautiful book, that approaches the Netherlands from another point of view, is Still Holland, filled with photographs taken far from the madding crowd. If Amsterdam, in particular, is your thing – then the books Amsterdam and Amsterdam Urban Jungle are sure to fill your need for a photographical tour of the city and its environs.


Stephanie Dijkstra
2019 Autumn

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