Ultimate Summer wines

Sunny summer days and evenings ask for a certain type of wine. They are not the right moment for massive and concentrated reds, but lend themselves much more for light and fresh wines, to accompany summer foods and, of course, anything from the BBQ or grill.


Especially for the readers of The XPat Journal I have selected six wines for the occasion. They all represent excellent value for money. All wines can be ordered by the bottle or case, and there is a tasting box with one bottle of each wine, should you feel like tasting them all. Two whites, two rosés, and two reds.


Terzac Blanc 2014 Vin de Pays de Mont Baudile

This wine originates from the wine region between the cities of Montpellier and Beziers, in the south of France. It is made with Grenache and Sauvignon Blanc grapes and is a juicy, fruity wine, with lovely fresh aromas of white fruits, with a hint of citrus. Terzac is dry, crisp and clean, and offers spectacular price/quality. It is the ultimate summer wine for daily drinking and great with summer salads, cold meats, grilled fish, etc. “The ideal terrace wine,” this country’s largest newspaper once opined.

€ 6.95


Beyra Branco 2014

Chances are you have never heard of this wine, nor its region. Beyra is in central Portugal, just south of the river Douro, high in the mountains. Rui Madeira is the genius behind Beyra Branco; an elegant, dry, not too expressive wine, with a lovely mineral touch to it. This wine will never bore you. It is the perfect accompaniment for grilled fish, shrimps, lobster, and even light, white meat such as veal or chicken.

€ 9.95


Les Moulies 2014 Rosé de Mont Baudile

This is a very light rosé in the Provence style, but not with the Provence price tag. The Vignerons reunis use predominantly Grenach grapes and add just a dash of Syrah. The result is a charming, tasty rosé – ideal for terrace or beach drinking. But most certainly also with a fresh tomato salad, homemade pizza, grilled anything, and soft creamy cheeses.

Great value at € 7.95


Chiaretto ‘Sant Emiliano‘ 2014

This is a gorgeous Organic rosé from the vineyards around Lake Garda in Northern Italy. Pratello has created this little marvel with Marzemino, sangiovese, Barbera and Gropello grapes. It is elegantly fruity, dry, soft but with a fine acidity. A lovely wine that goes excellently with fresh water fish, pasta, risotto, cold meats, and creamy cheeses… Superb.

€ 12.95


Rioja Joven 2014 Hacienda Lopez de Haro

During the summer heat, not even a mad dog would drink the concentrated wines from Rioja in Northern Spain. The locals serve slightly cool red Rioja that has not been aged in oak barrels – sin crianza in wine language. This super fruity red Rioja is a perfect example of this type of wine. Made with 100% tempranillo grapes, it is deep cherry red in the glass and has lots and lots of fresh fruit aromas, red fruits, berries and juicyness. Serve around 12o C, with chicken, red meats, ripe cheeses (avoiding red cheeses like Epoisse).

Unbeatable value for money at € 6.95


Organic Zweigelt “1 Schluck, 1000 Ideen”

This might be the most spoken-about red wine in Holland, at the moment. Literally every important wine journalist has written about it in the most positive of words, with the best review coming from Holland’s leading wine critic, Harold Hamersma. The headline of his article was Ugly Liter, referring to the not all that ‘up market’-looking bottle. But once the wine is in your glass, you will understand. Made with 100% organic Zweigelt grapes, this fragrant, fruity, not-too-concentrated red has a family resemblance to Pinot Noir. Superb price/quality, and a wine to accompany virtually all types of food, including spicy oriental dishes.

€ 8.95 per liter



The special XPat Journal Tasting Box, containing six bottles, is yours for only € 50.
To order, you can contact the importer direct at Info@bosmanwijnkopers.nl, or by phone: 070 – 358 43 36.


Nico McGough
2015 Summer

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