Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age

Thirty colossal, 17th-century group portraits from the Amsterdam Museum and the Rijksmuseum collections have been brought together for the first time ever in the Hermitage Amsterdam. These ‘brothers and sisters’ of the Night Watch are unique all across the world and, due to their size, are rarely seen by the public. They show us regents, … Continued

Biology Students Inspire

Completely designed by two American School of The Hague (ASH) students, the International Schools Biology Competition sets a new precedent for inspiring students on the subject of biology and uniting neighboring schools towards a common cause. Already in its first year, the competition’s support from the American School of The Hague’s neighboring schools, local and … Continued

International School Utrecht Now An Official IB World School

International School Utrecht has recently been accredited by the International Baccalaureate to teach the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). Receiving IB accreditation for the Primary Years as well as the Middle Years Programme at the start of the fourth academic year is an excellent achievement and a reflection of … Continued

Teaching the Teachers

English is globally the third most commonly used language across the world, with only Mandarin and Spanish more frequently spoken. As the world’s population becomes more transient, the opportunities for individuals to teach English overseas are greater than ever. For example, in China the English as a Second Language (ESL) market has been skyrocketing in … Continued

The Apple of Your Eye

Centuries-old tradition and modern interior design come together in the stunning ceramic apples of the Royal Blue Collection. The objects, ranging from five centimetres to giant, one-metre wide (limited edition) apples, are decorated with a contemporary interpretation of the famous Delft Blue design. The apple signifies love, youth and fertility and has an attractive, curved … Continued

NEMO Science Museum

NEMO is the largest science museum in the Netherlands and has been created especially for those who are curious by nature. NEMO Science Museum takes you on a trip through a world of everyday items – that turn out to be very special indeed. Every visitor, whether young or old, will be able to enrich … Continued

Live, Work, Play at The Student Hotel

By fusing flexible-stay accommodations with luxury facilities, The Student Hotel pioneers a modern co-living hybrid that makes it the perfect home for a new generation of young professionals, expats, global nomads and students. The Student Hotel is transforming the idea of co-living communities in Europe, providing a fun, creative and inspiring environment that makes it … Continued

What Does International Understanding Mean for ISA?

For over 50 years, the International School of Amsterdam has educated the children of expat families from around the world and now serves over 1,350 students, ages 2-18, from more than 50 countries. When ISA adopted its mission over 20 years ago, it wanted to ensure that the final statement reflected the three fundamental aspects … Continued

10forKIDS: A Conscious Choice!

It is time to party at 10forKIDS! In April of this year, 10forKIDS international childcare and after-school care is celebrating its fifth anniversary! A milestone. And time to look back and reflect – something 10forKIDS is happy to do, as they have done an outstanding job and have acquired an excellent reputation! How did this … Continued

Umbrella Services and Your Employment

Securing a nice job in the Netherlands is one thing, but taking care of all the necessary administrative arrangements can be something completely different. Though some expats have a steady contract, more and more knowledge migrants opt to take employment as a freelancer or contractor. Sadly, Dutch labour, income tax and social security legislation is … Continued

Changing Employers as an Expat in the Netherlands

By Altair Global The Netherlands Due to the improving economic situation in the Netherlands, a new trend is becoming apparent: as of recently, expats are more frequently changing employers. Since strict regulations apply to this process, it is important to avoid the possible pitfalls and to follow the correct legal route. There are, loosely speaking, … Continued

Dutch Lessons in Rotterdam Museum

Tornante Trainingen finds traditional language lessons in a classroom to be too one-sided for students. That’s why they also teach Dutch through organized practical activities in and around Rotterdam. This is a powerful concept, as “Rotterdam is hot & happening and learning Dutch needs to be fun”. Under the name Tornante Tutorials, Tor­nante Trainingen offers … Continued