Why Do the Tax People in the Netherlands Get Money Out of My Employment?

By Pim Bouwmeester How is it possible that in case of sickness, unemployment, or pregnancy you still get income in the Netherlands? Does your employer pay it out of generosity? Why don’t you get this extra amount on top of your salary even when you are not sick (or whatever)? After World War II, the … Continued

NEMO Science Museum, Amsterdam

NEMO Science museum is an exciting destination for curious children and families, located in the heart of Amsterdam. Inspire the next generation of scientists to question the world around them, discover new technology and explore life itself, through hundreds of activities and experiments. The fifth most popular museum in the Netherlands rises from the water … Continued

Zein International Childcare ‘Sets the Standard’ for Others to Follow…

Robbie Zein founded Zein International Childcare, together with husband Jan van der Meijden, based on a dream to provide a better way to support and develop the lives of internationally-mobile children. Today, this dream has become reality as Zein has become the leading provider of international childcare services in the Netherlands – offering Day Care, … Continued

The Amsterdam International Community School

The AICS is now 13 years old, and offers international education in English to over 1,200 students. The main location is based in Amsterdam Zuid at the World Trade Centre. To help take the pressure off their waiting lists, a second location has recently been opened a short distance away, in Buitenveldert. The community school … Continued

Class of 2017 Performs Exceptionally Well

May of 2017 saw the final year students of American School of The Hague undertaking a combined total of 624 Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams. Both programs require planning, hard work and, above all, a passion for their chosen subjects from both teachers and students alike. The class of 2017 performed exceptionally well and … Continued

In Love With Diamonds

We meet David Aardewerk, owner of Rocks and Clocks, located in the Hofkwartier, just a stone’s throw away from the Noordeinde Palace in the centre of The Hague. Rocks and Clocks is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and has built a solid reputation over the past ten years. “When I was 14 years old, … Continued

Music for All at the ISUtrecht

Music is a universal language and makes for a wonderful bridge between different cultures. That is why the International School Utrecht has embarked on a journey to become a school where music will truly take centre stage. Responsible for designing the music curriculum and creating a primary school choir, school orchestra and secondary vocal ensemble … Continued

Service Learning

Service Learning is a term that you will hear around local and international schools these days, but what does it really mean? Service Learning is the methodology used by teachers to connect content, skills, and/or dispositions taught in school to a genuine need in the community. It’s about community service, providing assistance and support to … Continued

Zein International Childcare

Zein International Childcare was founded over a decade ago by childcare professionals looking to help children embrace the advantages that an internationally-oriented lifestyle can bring. Today, through their consistent commitment to high quality, Zein is the leading provider of international childcare services in the Netherlands – offering the full range of childcare services including Day … Continued

Payroll, Contracting Services and More…

Are Dutch labour laws giving you a headache? Why not make things easier for yourself by letting Dutch Umbrella Company take care of all the legal administration? They offer you everything you need for your company and your employees. They provide contracting services designed specifically for companies who wish to employ people in the Netherlands … Continued

Sustainable Voices

With almost 1,400 students from 53 countries, the International School of Amsterdam works under its mission to educate for international understanding to ensure that every student recognises the intrinsic and extrinsic value of each lesson taught at ISA. For almost a decade, ISA has formally committed itself to making its school environment a gold standard … Continued

International School Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest

In 1983, Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest was issued a licence by the Dutch government, allowing it to provide international education alongside the Dutch curriculum. The choice was made then – and 25 years later this is still the case – to organise Dutch and international streams alongside each other, in which students share the same … Continued