Searching for the Perfect Doctor

Finding the right doctor will make a world of difference in how you look and feel. Everyone wants to grow old, but everyone wants to look young. Luckily, nowadays, there are a host of small and ‘large’ procedures to ensure that your skin is flawless and your body in perfect shape. It seems so easy: … Continued

Education: Steered by Market Needs…

Worldwide the debate is in full swing. Parents, teachers, students, educational institutions, employers and policy makers alike are asking themselves What are the skills needed for the labour market in the future?, and, Are these being taught to those who will be entering the job market in the coming years? At ROC Mondriaan, an intermediate … Continued

Understanding Third Culture Kids

Learning happens best in a community of emotional safety and a climate of mutual support. American School of the Hague was delighted to recently welcome Ruth van Reken, international expert and world-renowned co-author of Third Culture Kids, The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds. April 18th of this year saw Ruth sharing a full day … Continued

What Does Wellness Mean To You?

Is it: the endorphin rush you feel after a good workout or yoga session? the relaxing of the body achieved by languishing in a sauna? or a content feeling from being massaged by an experienced masseuse? Holistic Approach It could be all three – wellness can be defined as the body, mind and spirit meeting … Continued