From the Point of View of… Mardjan Seighali

“Many people fail to realize that refugees have been through a lot, not just to get here, but also before. There is a reason why they have become refugees. And they carry that with them for the rest of their lives. When they flee, they are separated from their families, culture and language – sometimes … Continued

From the Point of View of… Neil Aaronson

Intrigued by his specialty, I have to ask what it means exactly: a Chair in Quality of Life. It turns out not to be quite as light-hearted as it sounds. Neil explains: “My work focuses on the quality of life of cancer patients. When it comes to cancer, people are primarily interested in survival, but … Continued

From the Point of View of… Jonathan Talbott

18 years ago, Jonathan Talbott came here to study at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, which was founded in 1826 by King William I. The school is well known for its Early Music Department and Jonathan came here to do graduate work on Baroque violin: “The Early Music Department in The Hague is one … Continued

From the Point of View of… Frankie McCoy

Frankie McCoy has been living among the Dutch for too long. Her office is freezing and when I put my down jacket back on an hour into the interview she says, “Oh dear, I forgot to turn on the heat!” She forgot to turn on the heat. And didn’t even notice. Then again, the warmth … Continued

Cross-Border Employment

An interview with Inge Nitsche, managing director of the Expatise Academy for Education and Research on International Labour Mobility, about the increasing complexity of the job, the necessity of continuing education and the Expatise Concept of Learning. Expatise is a networking organization in which government, businesses and consultants cooperate in the fields of education and … Continued

Robin Pascoe and Me

Robin Pascoe, the Expat Expert, has retired. Few will miss her more than I… We first met ‘on the page’. It seems appropriate now, looking back, that this was how her thousands of fans also met a woman they would soon consider to be a friend. For Robin did not only ‘speak to’ her audience … Continued

Henry Cutler’s Lucky Seven

How does an American man from Brooklyn, New York move to Amsterdam, marry a Japanese woman that he met on a 7-passenger ‘Conference Bike’, start a Dutch bicycle business and only seven years later receive the 2010 popular choice award for ‘Best Bike Shop in Amsterdam’? Meet Henry Cutler. Founder and Director extraordinaire of WorkCycles. … Continued

From the Point of View of… Kiri and Leonidas Kikis

When you first meet the Kikis brothers, you are struck by their almost old-fashioned deferential demeanor; polite, gracious, and gentlemanly, they shake your hand, open the door for you, offer you something to drink, and enquire as to whether you are comfortable. But when you look past the distinguished dark suits and crispy white, pressed … Continued

The Baltic Overture

A relative newcomer to the European Union, Lithuania will soon be ascending to the EU presidency. This small but proud Baltic state has gone to many lengths to meet the European standards for entry and has been monumentally successful in its efforts, as is evidenced by the upcoming incumbency. Despite this, little is known to … Continued

From the Point of View of… Jing Zhang

While weaving a path through the busy Hoog Catherijne ‘shopping mall’ in Utrecht, on our way to a quiet place for a cup of tea and our interview, Jing Zhang says: “I read your interview with the woman from Cyprus the other day. It was quite a story! I am worried why you would want … Continued

From the Point of View of… Robin Pascoe

“You are NOT Robin Pascoe,” are words Robin has heard on more than one occasion. “Oh, but I am,” she answers matter-of-factly, “I’m just not the Robin Pascoe you have heard of.” Many expats have heard of Robin Pascoe, Expat Expert, author of several books covering topics such as creating a life, raising children, repatriating, … Continued

From the Point of View of… Sonia Sin

Sonia Sin’s first steps into entrepreneurship were when she founded Service at Work, here in the Netherlands: “I’d be traveling every other month: to Egypt, India, South Africa, Asia – and of course buying all these things that I liked! I’d bring them home, but then I wouldn’t have any time to get my pants … Continued