From the Point of View of…

Dubravka, who studied English Language & Literature in Zagreb, as well as Philosophy, has two jobs: one, teaching English Teaching Methodology at the University of Utrecht and the other, teaching Research Methodology at the HVA University of Applied Sciences, at the Faculty of Education. “My aim is to stimulate what I call an enquiry-based learning … Continued

From the point of view of…

Eighteen months ago, Steve Dailey came to the Netherlands for a day. And he’s been here ever since. What started out as a day of consulting, turned into an employment contract with a Dutch employer, Origin.   Still no need to learn Dutch Steve is a mild-mannered, friendly man, who takes the time to think … Continued

From the Point of View of… Ana Fernández

“I like to believe that everyone has wisdom that we can benefit from. Also the people in that little village in Spain, who have never gone beyond its boundaries; what they know about finding happiness in life it at least as valuable. I want to go through life with my eyes open and without judging. … Continued

From the Point of View of… Arjen Wiersma

“What the Dutch don’t understand is that the democratic premise behind the Poldermodel can only be achieved within a group that has the same background/values, and the same business culture. It allows us to push forward towards a ‘shared’ purpose, following a process and fulfilling various roles that we all presume to be understood, and … Continued

Sarina Maat

One summer evening in July, Sarina Maat was enjoying a drink and nibbles on a terrace in the sun with her fitness coach-turned-friend. Summer evenings don’t get much better than that in the Netherlands. Well, actually, in this case they do. That evening, an acquaintance called: “I’ve just seen you in the bookstore!” She texted … Continued

From the point of view of…

Julia Townsend has her own business in England. On the day she landed a big contract, she came home jubilant, hardly able to wait till her husband came home, so that she could tell him the good news. As her husband, Steve, walked in the front door, they simultaneously said: “Guess what?!” Steve finished his … Continued

From the Point of View of… Kalindi Soni

Kalindi Soni didn’t go from rags to riches, she went from riches to rags. “I’ve learned that when you’ve gone from having everything that you could want, to having nothing, to being able to build it all back up again – it gives you a kind of confidence; that you can do pretty much anything. … Continued

From the Point of View of… Sally Squirrell

Traveling alone had an unexpected side, too: “I had always thought that it would be just one crazy, massive party – but I didn’t really meet as many people my own age as I had thought I would. The people I met were quite a bit older than me – the ones that had influence … Continued

From the Point of View of… Deborah Valentine

Deborah on being placed abroad: “Partners embark on the adventure together, but once the adrenaline of the first year wears off and the house and spouse are all sorted, they start to spend way too much time alone and in their head – that is, if they haven’t reached out enough – and they are … Continued

From the point of view of…

To Federico Cheri, the Netherlands is the European equivalent of the American Dream: the Dutch Dream. If you come to Holland and you work hard, you can become anything you want.   Love In High School on Sardinia, Federico met and fell in love with a Dutch girl. When, at age 22, they were still … Continued

From the Point of View of…

Our interview for this month took place in the soon-to-be former home of Mrs. Ruby Vos (she’s moving to a new house). Ruby moved here in 1994 with her Dutch husband. However, Ruby herself is somewhat Dutch, as her parents are Dutch, but emigrated to the United States in 1959, where Ruby was born. Ruby … Continued

From the Point of View of… Albert Dolmans

“I decided that if I painted full-time, I could probably make a living off it, so I quit my job. Through the huge network I had in California I was able to arrange a lot of exhibits and I have been able to live of it – albeit carefully and with no extravagances. To me, … Continued