The New Immigration Directive and Permanent Residency

Since the introduction of the ICT (Intra Corporate Transferee), formally known as EU Directive 2014/66 (as of November 29, 2016), Altair Global has received many questions regarding the difference between the HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrant Procedure) and the ICT procedure – from both employers as well as employees. In this article, they highlight the differences … Continued

Following in the Footsteps of an Emperor

The Utrechtse Castle Route takes you through an area you could explore for days. In this issue of The XPat Journal, we take you along the manors, mansions and castles of this Route. You can do the whole tour on foot, by bike of by car. Online, you will find a variety of routes to … Continued

Catamaran Sailing at the KZVS

How about a day at the beach: you cycle to Scheveningen on a nice and sunny day, rig your catamaran, hit the waves, maybe participate in a regatta and finish with a drink at the clubhouse? It’s all possible at the KZVS sailing club, and you’re welcome to join!   The KZVS (‘Coastal Sailing Club … Continued

Schooling in the Netherlands

Under Dutch law, education is mandatory for all children of all nationalities residing in the Netherlands, from ages 5 to 18, and should be completed with a diploma. The author goes into the various forms of education in the Netherlands, of which we give you a short excerpt here: Dutch schools are divided into: public … Continued

The Future Is Here

The potential we see at ACCESS, among the available (international) talent already here in the Netherlands, is simply mindboggling. In this, the Employment issue, we could not help but reflect on our own volunteers, in the context of locally-based employers searching for international talent. In a contribution to pre-election debates earlier this year (February 2017), … Continued

Summer Holidays

Edith van Ruitenbeek In general, a break once in a while – from your daily challenges and tasks – is considered healthy, especially in our modern world. Whether this is to soak up the sun, get some physical exercise, play with your children, contemplate life, discover other cultures, or simply indulge in a little dolce … Continued

Come Visit the IamExpat Fair

The meeting place for expats and local businesses The IamExpat Fair is designed to support internationals in the Netherlands, and connect them with local businesses and service providers. This landmark event is an exciting opportunity for internationals to find everything they need in one location, on one day. From companies and services in careers, housing, … Continued

Traffic Education

The focus of this issue of The XPat Journal is education. Which is why the author has chosen to focus on participating safely in traffic, as it is up to us adults to set the right example. As the Dutch say: “good examples are imitated by other people” – and they also provide you with … Continued

Days of Physical Presence

By Robin Schalekamp and Kees de Graaf If an employee works (in employment) in more than one country, or lives in a country other than the one he works in, both countries could have the right to levy taxes over his or her employment income. In order to avoid double taxation, the Netherlands has concluded … Continued

Registered Partnership or Marriage?

By Yolanda Bokhorst   Many people who have found the love of their life want to formalize this bond. In the Netherlands, there are various options available for those who want to do this; one of these is the registered partnership. The question arises, however, whether registered partnerships are a wise choice in international situations. … Continued

Access to Education and Other Children’s Rights

The right of a child to an education (Art 28 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child) is considered an important right. Without a doubt, with the right education, children are better prepared for their future. Complications can easily arise when the emotional well-being of the children is not taken into account in … Continued

Special Needs Education in the Netherlands

In general, the Dutch education system works very well, but because of its unique features and many different types of schools, a lot of international parents have a tough job identifying the right school for their children. This job is made even tougher if your child needs some extra support in school. In this article … Continued