Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide

It would be nice if the process of buying a house were simply a matter of “yes, I would like that one” and handing over your credit card. Though this may be the case for the top 1% wealthiest people in the world, the rest of us have to make sure we can get a … Continued

Legal Aspects of Buying a House

For most people, the purchase of a house is an important and exciting event. This is especially so for expats who find themselves buying a home in a country other than their own. Of course, finding the right house in the right place is a first priority – but once you have done that successfully; … Continued

National Park Weerribben Wieden

  Though very few people know about it, it really should come as no surprise that this country, riddled as it is with canals, should have its own Venice. Not a city, though, just a picturesque little town called Giethoorn, located 121 km north-east of Amsterdam, in the province of Overijssel. Giethoorn is located on … Continued

Career and Children

By Edith van Ruitenbeek “I shouldn’t have to choose between my kid and my career.” These words, uttered by Victoria Azarenko, one of the best tennis players in the world, recently reached the front pages, when she announced that she had to drop out of the US Open this year. Not due to pregnancy or … Continued

Should We Share Everything or Not?

On January 1, 2018, a new matrimonial property act entered into force in the Netherlands. Until January 1, 2018, the system of general community property applied. It meant that all property and debts of the spouses became joint property and debts. A limited  community of property applies to marriages that are entered into after January … Continued

The Swing Under the Old Oak Tree

But what I am really looking forward to is tomorrow morning. A fresh layer of snow will hopefully have covered those thousands of tracks made the previous day and, as I set out through the woods at 8 o’clock in the morning, I will be able to witness one of those miraculous sunrises that causes … Continued

Frank’s Smoke House

The name might make you think, Oops, is this a decent place for a nice person like me? – as the combination ‘smoke’ and ‘Amsterdam’ does tend to point you in a ‘certain direction’. But we can confirm that Frank’ s Smoke House is one of the most decent places in the culinary world of … Continued

Though most people work directly for an employer, over the past years, a considerable and growing number of people in the Netherlands have chosen to work in self-employment, to the point where, at present, 1.76 million people have self-employment as their main, or only, source of income. Of these, 900,000 are what the Dutch call … Continued

The Dutch School Attendance Law

By Annebet van Mameren Last year there was a lot of commotion on the playground of a small town in the south of the Netherlands. What had happened? A family from the school had gone skiing and had posted some photos of their holiday on Facebook. This had upset some dutiful (or maybe jealous) parents … Continued


A stranger who’s been through your stuff, who’s taken some of it with him and who has left a path of destruction in his wake. This can have quite an impact on your life. Be aware of the fact that most burglaries are committed in a moment of opportunity – upon discovery of a ‘weak … Continued

The Hague

For someone for whom the buzz of Amsterdam leaves her breathless, I would have never guessed that The Hague would knock my socks off. Yet it’s true: Den Haag has also stolen my heart. Two days of intense touring there and I’m totally hooked. It would take the entire XPat Journal to do it justice, … Continued


“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” – is probably the best career advice to give to young people, and we have Oscar Wilde to thank for his wise words. But discovering and being yourself is not easy in this fast-paced, technology-driven world. Especially for graduates who are about to move into the world of … Continued