It Was Yours and It Was Mine:

Given the fact that one out of three marriages ends in divorce and other relationships are at an even higher risk of coming to an end sooner or later, it might be wise to keep this eventuality in mind when buying a house. In the case of dual earners, the need to sell the house … Continued

Hidden Defects

In a number of the articles in this issue of The XPat Journal, the authors have focused on the challenges posed by defects in the property you have bought or rented. The matter of how to deal with these can sometimes be straightforward, but sometimes it can be a little foggy. In this article, we … Continued

What Visiting Parents & Lunchtime Recess Have to Do with Housing

One of the unique features of ACCESS is that our volunteers, being expats themselves, often share their own experiences amongst each other, which in turn become subjects we share info on for the benefit of others. Sometimes these are practical, and lead us to research the answers, and possible solutions. Often, they are anecdotal, but … Continued

Becoming an Entrepreneur

According to the website,, the number of self-employed persons in the Netherlands is growing explosively; approximately 130,000 persons start up their own company every year. 95% of these are zzp-er, or zelfstandige zonder personeel; self-employed with no personnel – hence the use of this acronym in the site’s name. As a significant number also … Continued

Houses in Multiple Countries

Thanks to the economic crisis, a lot of houses are for sale, at often attractive prices. So once the decision is made to stay in the Netherlands, the step to buy a home here is no longer such a large one. There is a lot involved in buying a house and arranging its financing. And … Continued


When I think of Ghent – located nearby in Belgium, approximately 25 minutes west of Antwerp, yet only 22 kilometers from the border with the Dutch province of Zeeland – I imagine a rich cultural history, filled with colorful people, important events, fascinating liaisons and inevitable betrayals. What I wasn’t prepared for was how the … Continued

Redoing Your Home

Few people have bought a house of which they thought: ‘Yup, precisely the way I wanted it,’ and left everything the way it was. On the other hand, few people are as notorious for clearing out all but the outside walls and rebuilding from scratch as the Dutch are. Either way, chances are, you are … Continued


When it comes to history, Zeeland, due to its location on (or, if you will, in) the sea, and with one part only accessible by tunnel or by driving through Belgium, has had quite a bit of interaction with nations and peoples that the rest of the country has not had. For instance, Veere; a … Continued

Art, Fine Food & Wine

The city of The Hague has some world-class museums, but most certainly also some very fine ‘tables’. In this edition of The XPat Journal we bring two of each together. We invite you to pay a visit to one of these fine museums before or after lunch, or prior to a dinner – as, included … Continued

What You Need to Know When Renting Property in the Netherlands

If you have come to the Netherlands temporarily for work and/or to live here, the rules surrounding housing can be different from what you are used to back home. As there are many private people who rent out their property, there is no real standard for rental properties, but overall the quality of housing in … Continued

Mortgage and Owning Your Own House:

It has always been relatively attractive to buy a house in the Netherlands. However, the rules are about to change. Henk van Seijen shares a few of these changes with the readers in this article. For instance: the maximum mortgage will be reduced, the mortgage interest deduction is going down, and the imputed rents are … Continued

Education for Successful Expatriation:

For more than 25 years, expats (internationals) have been sharing their experiences through ACCESS in order to serve and help others who have arrived in the Netherlands to settle. During those years, we have witnessed many positive changes when it comes to international education. Not only in terms of primary and secondary education, with an … Continued