A Parental Lesson to Learn

The majority of parents feel that it is important that their children know the language and culture of both parents. Among other things, this is expressed in the type of education they choose for their children. Many of these parents opt for an international school, bilingual education or extra language classes alongside the mainstream education. … Continued

International Education Options at the Primary and Secondary Level

As mentioned in the article, When Parents Stay and Children Depart, there is a wealth of international schooling options in the Netherlands, both at primary and secondary level, as well as at university level. For the latter, we refer you to our article Higher Education for International Students. In this article, you can read about … Continued

Houses in Multiple Countries

Thanks to the economic crisis, a lot of houses are for sale, at often attractive prices. So once the decision is made to stay in the Netherlands, the step to buy a home here is no longer such a large one. There is a lot involved in buying a house and arranging its financing. And … Continued


When I think of Ghent – located nearby in Belgium, approximately 25 minutes west of Antwerp, yet only 22 kilometers from the border with the Dutch province of Zeeland – I imagine a rich cultural history, filled with colorful people, important events, fascinating liaisons and inevitable betrayals. What I wasn’t prepared for was how the … Continued

Our Children Are the Future

When marriage turns out to be too big a challenge, Edith van Ruitenbeek tells her clients that the next biggest challenge is making a fair and sustainable divorce covenant and… parenting plan. As a divorce lawyer and mediator she always tries to make sure the spouses think as caring parents when they have to make … Continued

News from ‘the East’

The International School Twente (IST) is the only international school in the Twente region, located in Enschede. It is a so-called Dutch International School (DIS) which means that the school is fully recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Education and also subsidized by the Dutch government, which enables the IST, like all DI Schools, to … Continued

Art, Fine Food & Wine

The city of The Hague has some world-class museums, but most certainly also some very fine ‘tables’. In this edition of The XPat Journal we bring two of each together. We invite you to pay a visit to one of these fine museums before or after lunch, or prior to a dinner – as, included … Continued

What You Need to Know When Renting Property in the Netherlands

If you have come to the Netherlands temporarily for work and/or to live here, the rules surrounding housing can be different from what you are used to back home. As there are many private people who rent out their property, there is no real standard for rental properties, but overall the quality of housing in … Continued

Social Media: Curse or Blessing?

Millions of people are active on the social media. They have rich social lives and are connected – online – to millions of others. However, your online data is sometimes used for unintended purposes. In their prenuptial agreements, movie stars arrange which information can and cannot be shared with the media. Now that so many … Continued

Choosing Between Local or International Education

When living outside your home country, you will undoubtedly encounter this question: is local or international education the best option for your child? There are various factors to consider, and what is best greatly depends on your family’s individual situation: there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this very important question. At Edufax, they specialize in … Continued

Higher Education for International Students

In this global world, studying abroad is not only popular and possible, but often also a prerequisite for getting a job. And one of the best places to follow an international course is the Netherlands, with its affordable tuition and more than 2,000 English-language courses at all levels. However, before you make up your mind … Continued

It Was Yours and It Was Mine:

Given the fact that one out of three marriages ends in divorce and other relationships are at an even higher risk of coming to an end sooner or later, it might be wise to keep this eventuality in mind when buying a house. In the case of dual earners, the need to sell the house … Continued