The Four Things You Didn’t Know About Dutch Meetings

In this article, the author takes a look into the details of a typical Dutch meeting. Let’s share his vision on the Agenda: The agenda, if at all present, consists, like most agendas, of the different points that are to be discussed. Makes sense, right? Initially, the Dutch agenda appears to be quite similar. There’s … Continued

Back to School

By Wijnand de Gelder Summer vacation is over. A new school year has begun. The children’s minds are still filled with images of their vacation and they are excited about their new class. Many of them are walking or riding their bikes to school via a new route. Children are vulnerable participants in traffic. All … Continued

GOING DUTCH the healthy way

With so much lycra around these days, stylish looking racing bikes, runners, power joggers and Organic supermarkets popping up like ‘paddenstoelen’ (toadstools) you’d think the whole country is on a health kick. Often enthusiasts prefer to talk the talk rather than walk the walk. The colorful dri-fit Nike Lycra’s often end up in the closet … Continued

Dutch Schools Let Kids Be Kids

I was reading one of those articles about how Dutch kids are the happiest in the world. Every so often someone does a survey and finds that – instead of pushing kids to perform well on tests – Dutch schools let kids be kids. What do you know? Kids are happier without homework. I’ve noticed … Continued

Dutch Vacation Days:

“It feels good to be back from vacation. Mostly it’s because I grew up in America, and Dutch vacations seem so long. Back in America, you’re lucky to get two weeks off in a row. In the Netherlands, if your summer break is less than three weeks, people think there’s something wrong with you. And … Continued

Managing Your Own Career Across Cultures

by Ruddy Swinnen and Sjaak Pappe For many expats, an international career can be a road littered with pitfalls, allergies and culture shock – but also with great fun, enhanced performance and inspirational new relations. Economies, companies and human capital are globalizing more and more. This encourages career change, offering employees the opportunity to develop … Continued

Here comes summer:

After a winter and spring that seemed more like an never ending autumn, we suddenly had a  very UnDutch hot summer weekend in May. Yes, summer is at our door. And with summer comes that OMG feeling -on the hips and tums that is- Bikini? Shorts?  Reality dawns… Its time to shed the cover of … Continued

Ich Bin Ein Hamburger

When you walk into a restaurant and immediately feel at home, you know you are going to have a fine lunch or dinner. After all, a first impression can only be made once. And it was certainly made at Ich Bin Ein Hamburger. The cozy and welcoming interior is part of the first feeling, but … Continued

Walter Benedict & Franklin

Franklin and Walter Benedict, ever heard of them? Brothers maybe? Or cousins? In fact, it is neither of these, as they are not even related. ‘Birds of a feather’ comes much closer to describing their relation. Bas van der Elst and Jan-Willem van der Zee shared the lecture rooms at the Amsterdam faculty of Economics. … Continued

A Storyteller’s Lens

“Stories are contextual. They begin long before a professional goal has been achieved, fueled by incidents that have deeply impacted the teller. Workshop organizers, who ask me to help women learn to convey their professional accomplishments more confidentially, usually overlook this essential backstory. ‘Men speak up all the time,’ they tell me. ‘Why don’t we … Continued

Nice Work

Now our children are graduates, or nearly graduates, things are changing. The world of eternal internships looms. Working a 40-hour week for work experience expenses of € 300 a month is far from unusual. So how can you pay the rent, your health insurance, the odd beer and your dry cleaning (sharp suit compulsory for … Continued

Seafood Delight in an Amazing Ambiance!

The XPat Journal was one of the first to be informed about the fact that cozy new venue was going to be opening soon. Now that it is up and running, we are glad to share this great tip with you! All of us have moments when we feel the need to have some time … Continued