Turning Technology Into Business

Where better to explore those ideas than at High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCE)? Set up in 1998 by Philips, its doors opened to other companies in 2003, and the campus is now a hive of activity for many established companies and young start-ups.

Companies at the campus are exploring solutions to issues in Health, Energy and Smart Environments in so-called disruptive technologies. High-tech facilities, office buildings and collegiate-style architecture come together with the Strip to form the campus. The Strip houses restaurants, shops, a conference centre and a wellness centre with networking spaces nestled in between to facilitate easy collaboration and free thinking. With over 85 nationalities working on campus, there is a real international community spirit; great ideas can come from the juxtaposition of cultures, making the campus a fantastic place to work and be.

Thanks to the StartupDelta initiative, entrepreneurs receive help in bringing their budding ideas to fruition; they can literally knock on their neighbours’ doors for help. Talented innovators already come from around the world to compete for a place in the sought-after Startupbootcamp on campus.

With the second edition already underway, a third edition of the Startupbootcamp HighTechXL for disruptive technology starts soon – don’t miss it!




Sally Squirrel
2015 Spring

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