Traffic Education

By Wijnand de Gelder

The focus of this issue is education. Which is the author has chosen to direct your attention to a number of issues in the context of participating safely in traffic. It is important that adults realize that they have the important duty of setting an example. As the Dutch say: a good example is sure to be followed – and to provide valuable insight.

Above all, De Gelder points out, children must – and may – earn their learning chops, also in actual traffic. They must develop confidence in what they can do. If it seems unsafe, or if you are not sure of their abilities, ride your bicycle next to them and accompany them to school – or take them yourself, for instance, on the back of your bike. After all, you didn’t learn how to drive in one go, did you? Which is why we want to raise your awareness of the fact that these children are learning to navigate traffic too; the more we take each other into account, the safer it will be on the roads.

Wijnand de Gelder
2018 Spring

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