Is There Such a Thing as a Typical Dutchie?

When is someone considered a real Dutch person – or Dutchie as they sometimes call themselves? Do you need to know the whole national anthem by heart? Or do you have to have visited the Rijksmuseum at least once? No, of course not. A real Dutchie is someone you can recognise by their behaviour, their sometimes wacky ways and their funny traditions.

You Know You’re Dutch When… is the fifth book by Canadian born author Colleen Geske, known for Stuff Dutch People Like. She’s written down the weird and wacky habits of the Dutch in a provocative and wickedly funny way. Expats, tourists and the Dutch themselves will read it whilst shaking their heads in agreement and laughing out loud. “My intention was to write for foreigners with an interest in Dutch culture, but my largest audience turned out to be Dutch people. And they live all over the world,” says Colleen.

About the author

Colleen Geske is the author of the popular blog and best-selling book Stuff Dutch People Like. She is originally from Winnipeg, Canada and has lived in Europe since 2004. When not busy writing, Colleen spends her days as a communications and social media consultant. Colleen holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree in International Business and Marketing from the University of Manitoba. She currently lives in Amsterdam with her family.

The book is now available at and other bookshops for €14.50

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