The Netherlands at Its Best

There is nothing like seeing a country through the eyes of another person – and this becomes even more exceptional when you get to see it through the eyes of a photographer.


On June 1 of this year, an updated version of Frans’s The Netherlands at Its Best will appear, with 100 new photos, more pages and a new concept. It brings us some of the best aspects of Dutch culture such as life on the ice, architecture, the flower fields, religious structures, rare animals, aerial views of castles, fields and villages, still and busy waterways, breathtaking nature – but also stunning photographs of ships, the Delta works, a storm-battered pier, old factories, new and old-style windmills, and the people of this country, dressed up for festivals, celebrating national holidays, cycling, windsurfing, sailing and enjoying daily life. In short, beautiful testimony to the diversity of this nation and its people.


If you are looking for inspiration on what to explore in the Netherlands, or want to reminisce or simply share, these are wonderful books are an absolute must!


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Stephanie Dijkstra
2020 Spring

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