The Hague

For someone for whom the buzz of Amsterdam leaves her breathless, I would have never guessed that The Hague would knock my socks off. Yet it’s true: Den Haag has also stolen my heart. Two days of intense touring there and I’m totally hooked. It would take the entire XPat Journal to do it justice, but I’ll share a bit of the magic with you here.

The Enchanting Lady

The Hague is so special that it has not one name but three. This chic, enchanting lady is officially called ‘s-Gravenhage, yet is most commonly known as Den Haag. Worldwide, everyone knows it as ‘The Hague’ – a city renowned for its International Court of Justice where many infamous people are tried for their crimes against humanity. As the government seat of the Netherlands, The Hague is paradoxically not its capital, which is Amsterdam. King Willem-Alexander works here – in Noordeinde Palace – and there’s a decided air of royalty and class here in this city of almost 526,000 people, in sharp contrast to the exuberant, non-stop, anything-goes vibe of Amsterdam. The city may indeed be tied up in politics, but beneath that sheath of armor is an undergarment of the finest silk, and a treasure chest of things to do and see.

Shirley Agudo
2017 Winter

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