The Feel at Home International Community Fair

On Sunday February 3, 2019, The Feel at Home International Community Fair will celebrate its 12th edition. In 2018, over 4,000 people, representing more than 100 nationalities, came together to share their experiences of life in Holland and to make connections locally.

The Fair is unique in its variety of exhibitors, presenters, performers and players representing our diverse community and the interests that bring us together. Visitors and exhibitors appreciate the special ambiance created by a dynamic programme of information, entertainment, activities and workshops.


A Meeting Point for the Whole Community

No other event in the Netherlands creates quite the same sense of community as The Feel at Home Fair, where around half of the stands are local sports and social clubs or volunteer organisations. These groups exhibit free of charge and relish the opportunity to network, promote their activities and recruit new members.


Showcase for Small Business

Alongside these community groups are dozens of Small Business stands, many of them run by internationals who originally moved to the Netherlands as expats but have since made it their home. These multicultural entrepreneurs have special insight into the products and services that international people are looking for (and perhaps missing from home). They take great pleasure in animating the Fair with activities, tastings and performances which help them connect with fellow internationals.


Entertainment, Workshops and Food

The day is made richer by a lively Programme of Entertainment and Activities provided by local students, amateur and professional groups. In addition, a Free Workshop Programme covers a variety of topics, from starting a business to intercultural communications and networking. The icing on the cake is The International Food Court representing culinary traditions from across the community. In 2019, all profits raised from food sales will go towards charitable causes, in a further demonstration of the community spirit of the Fair.


Not Just for Newcomers

The Fair is an important point of information for newcomers to the Netherlands, and yet the majority of visitors have lived here for many years! What both groups have in common is a desire to meet people and learn more about events and activities happening in their region.


Special Focus on Community

The Feel at Home Fair brings together a dizzying array of culturally diverse groups to share the activity or interest that unites their work, school, sport or social community with visitors to the Fair. Groups are encouraged to bring the dance or the game, the food or the mood, the art or the craft, the passion or the cause, that animates their community and motivates them to get together.


Making Connections

Visitors do not just come to the Feel at Home Fair, they are a part of it. The interaction between stand holders and visitors, and the interconnections between the many different communities, create the special warmth and atmosphere for which the Feel at Home Fair is known and appreciated.


The Fair is a celebration of the uniquely connected international community which exists in this region.

Join your Community at The Feel at Home International Community Fair: 11 A.M. – 5 P.M., Sunday February 3, 2019, The Hague City Hall

Free Tickets are available on the website

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