The British School of Amsterdam Looks to a Bright Future as It Turns 40

You might be excused for thinking that The British School of Amsterdam (BSA) is solely focused on educating UK-born pupils. But nothing could be further from the truth. The school is truly international, with over 970 pupils of almost 60 nationalities receiving a world-class education in the Dutch capital. The children’s ages run from 3 to 18. Paul Morgan, the school’s Principal, tells us more.

“We provide an education where we develop well-rounded individuals, nurturing each child holistically as well as academically. For us at the BSA, a good education is not just about regurgitating information. It is about creating independent thinkers who are resilient and adaptable, have good manners, can cope with whatever is thrown at them and have the skills to take their thinking to the next level. It’s also about celebrating tolerance and inclusivity. From Early Years to Senior School, ages 3 to 18, the BSA gives a top-class schooling for everyone seeking an international education.”

2019 Spring

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