The Apple of Your Eye

Centuries-old tradition and modern interior design come together in the stunning ceramic apples of the Royal Blue Collection. The objects, ranging from five centimetres to giant, one-metre wide (limited edition) apples, are decorated with a contemporary interpretation of the famous Delft Blue design.
The apple signifies love, youth and fertility and has an attractive, curved shape. Sabine Struycken, founder of interior design label InsideOut Luxury, is the developer of the apples. She says: “The idea was to create an object that would translate Delft Blue into something contemporary. The apple was the perfect fit and it is a combination I find beautiful myself.”
The luxury apples are available in a series of four different sizes and in limited, numbered editions – and can also be made on demand. They can even be customised; for example, to include a family coat of arms.

2016 Autumn

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