Teaching the Teachers

English is globally the third most commonly used language across the world, with only Mandarin and Spanish more frequently spoken. As the world’s population becomes more transient, the opportunities for individuals to teach English overseas are greater than ever. For example, in China the English as a Second Language (ESL) market has been skyrocketing in recent years as the Chinese economy continues to grow.

The BSN Language Centre is one of only two centres in the Netherlands that delivers the CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) programme, and is currently in its eighth year as a CELTA provider. Certified by Cambridge English, CELTA qualifies individuals to teach English in language schools or institutions around the world. For many employers and governments, CELTA is trusted and recognised as the essential (Teach English as a Foreign Language) TEFL qualification.

The Cambridge English-accredited CELTA qualification can open up a huge array of opportunities, whether it’s teaching in the Far East, South America or more locally in Europe.

To find out more about the CELTA course at the BSN Language Centre please visit: www.bsnlanguagecentre.nl

2016 Spring

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