Why Do the Tax People in the Netherlands Get Money Out of My Employment?

By Pim Bouwmeester

How is it possible that in case of sickness, unemployment, or pregnancy you still get income in the Netherlands? Does your employer pay it out of generosity? Why don’t you get this extra amount on top of your salary even when you are not sick (or whatever)?

After World War II, the Dutch government created an extended system of benefits, education support, and public health care that was funded by higher taxation. In the 21st century, the whole system was changed to a system in which employees together bear the responsibility for the social security in the Netherlands. This way, we – in the Netherlands – can provide a guaranteed income for those who are not able to work now or even ever again.

In this article, you can read about the social insurances in the Netherlands and the services offered by PayingIt International to help you calculate the correct amounts.



2017 Autumn

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