Are you one of those restaurant visitors who are bored to bits by those rectangular plates with 32 ingredients, all sitting side by side, not in any way related to each other? Food without head or tail, even worse; food without a soul.

Then it is time to book a table at Tasca in Scheveningen, open since September 2014. Your first impression might be that of a restaurant with Portuguese roots, with its king-size cockerel on the outside wall, and the tiled bar inside. There are indeed dishes from the land of Fado, but much more so, food from all Southern European coastal regions. The atmosphere is like the food; cozy, unpretentious. Nice, feet-on-the-ground and friendly dishes. At last, a fine restaurant where you can take your kids for Sunday lunch!

Here you will not find the little mousses, jellies, tiny squiggles of sauce, or “different structures of…” At Tasca, it is all about the freshness of the ingredients and the way they are prepared. Chef Ilse Zweegers goes to great length to obtain as many organic ingredients as possible.



Nico McGough
2015 Autumn

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