Sustainable Voices

With almost 1,400 students from 53 countries, the International School of Amsterdam works under its mission to educate for international understanding to ensure that every student recognises the intrinsic and extrinsic value of each lesson taught at ISA.

For almost a decade, ISA has formally committed itself to making its school environment a gold standard eco-community; integrating awareness programmes into its IB curriculum as well as creating on-the-ground actions that allow the full school – from students to parents to the Board of Governors – to engage in sustainable activities each day.

In 2009, the Green Team created an Eco-Code as a pledge to bring about awareness of the school’s most important ecological issues and to promote ‘green actions’ that the community could take on to make a true sustainable impact.

Since then, ISA students, staff and parents have been active in meeting the goals of the Eco-Code and integrating sustainable measures into the school for a variety of areas such as energy, waste and recycling, food and healthy living, and water conservation.

2017 Spring

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