Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide

It would be nice if the process of buying a house were simply a matter of “yes, I would like that one” and handing over your credit card. Though this may be the case for the top 1% wealthiest people in the world, the rest of us have to make sure we can get a mortgage, that we get the right mortgage, that we find a house that meets our needs, that we can afford this house, and that we won’t be confronted with unnecessary surprises (claims, easement, structural problems)… to name a few issues.

For this reason, The XPat Journal has developed a short step-by-step buyer’s guide, aimed at preparing you for the various steps you will take when buying your new home – so that you know what to expect and can start taking the necessary measures in the right order.

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Stephanie Dijkstra
2017 Winter

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