Special Education

The demand for Special Education is increasing worldwide and nowhere is this more so than in international education/schools, where families – relocating for work reasons – want to meet the educational needs of their children first. Special Education offers students with a wide range of learning, physical or social problems the opportunity to receive attention from fully-trained Special Education teachers whose role it is to enable the students to fully access the curriculum appropriate to their age and development level and to assist students in integrating into mainstream classes – helping them to spend time with their peers and not spend all of their school days separated from the other students in their grade level. The Special Education program at American School of The Hague (ASH), has developed a worldwide reputation as one of the leaders in providing this service to students of all ages – Special Education forms part of the school’s Mission; to be inclusive and to provide a high quality education to all types of learners.


Lesley Murphy
2016 Spring

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