Social Media: Curse or Blessing?

Millions of people are active on the social media. They have rich social lives and are connected – online – to millions of others. However, your online data is sometimes used for unintended purposes.

In their prenuptial agreements, movie stars arrange which information can and cannot be shared with the media. Now that so many of us are online, this type of clause could serve us ‘ordinary’ people as well.

And then you should also keep in mind that ‘there is life after death’. If you do not make any arrangements, your life will continue on Facebook and other social media. With sometimes painful consequences for the people who love you. In order to avoid problems, you can appoint a social media executor in your will. This is someone you trust to manage your account data and to carry out your wishes regarding your online ‘persona’. Also in a living will, you can determine what is to happen to your social media profiles.

Keep in mind: in the Netherlands, you need a civil law notary to draw up a will, a living will or a prenuptial agreement.

By Yolanda Bokhorst

Yolanda Bokhorst
2015 Spring

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