‘So What Do You Do?’

The Power of an Elevator Pitch

By Nannette Ripmeester and Sevi Christoforou

Every job seeker has heard about the importance of having an elevator pitch ready, in case they find themselves stuck on an elevator with the CEO of their dream company and have only 30 seconds to impress them. Now, even if you believe this will never happen to you, it is still essential to be prepared and have an elevator pitch ready to use during general networking events, career fairs and job interviews.


Especially in the Netherlands, every interaction can be a great opportunity to network and professionally connect with people. The Dutch value motivation more than experience, so even a casual discussion on the train or at the neighbourhood BBQ could lead to a job interview, and therefore, you need to be prepared! So how do you get a person’s attention when you only have 30 seconds?



Nannette Ripmeester
2019 Autumn

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