Service Learning

As part of the ever-expanding global community, schools across the world are taking a deeper look into an educational perspective that helps students connect what they learn in the classroom and extend it into a skill that is utilized both on a local and global level. Community Engagement, based on the principles of service learning, is a concept that looks to encourage students to fulfil the needs of their community close to home and at large, as part of a curricular requirement in their academic career.

At American School of The Hague, there is a long tradition of reaching out to the local and global community through service learning, community service, volunteerism and activism. Each year, students, teachers and even parents, give their time, efforts and talents to support a variety of service initiatives both near and far – the community members, comprised of all stakeholders in the School, “act locally, and think globally”, through the vehicle of various service learning initiatives.

Lesley Murphy
2015 Summer

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