Scholarships and Grants

In this article, we go into the possibility of arranging a scholarship or grant if you are coming to the Netherlands as a non-Dutch national to study. We also provide a short overview of the studiefinanciering-loan, which – subject to conditions – is also available to non-Dutch nationals, and the tuition fee loan.

If you are a non-Dutch national, legally residing in the Netherlands, you can apply for the studiefinanciering-loan, subject to certain conditions. As part of the studiefinanciering loan plan, you can take out a maximum loan of € 1,035 (2018-2019). It is up to you to determine exactly how high you want the loan to be. If your parents are of limited financial means, you can apply for an additional grant of € 391 a month, which will be converted into a gift if you obtain your diploma within ten years. You have 35 years in which to pay off the loan. There are no limits as to the amount of money you are allowed to earn while receiving the studiefinanciering loan., click on Foreign Student.

Stephanie Dijkstra
2018 Spring

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