Safety In and Around the House

Forewarned is Forearmed

By Wijnand de Gelder

Don’t forget that you are making things easier for potential burglars if you leave a door or window open to a room that you are not in – if even for a few minutes. Be sure to shut them, even if you are only going to take a shower or a nap, or to vacuum the upstairs floor. Don’t leave any valuables in plain sight, either, such as your laptop, camera or wallet. Also at night, close your windows and doors. Burglars or cat burglars only need a narrow gap to slip through. The same goes for skylights.

Still want to leave a window open? Then go for one that a burglar can’t reach or that is secured well with a pole or a grid.

At all times, you want to feel safe within the walls of your home. There are a few threats to this, such as burglars and fire. In this article are a few tips on how to keep you, your home and your valuables safe.

Read the full article in The XPat Journal December 2018 Online Issue

Wijnand de Gelder
2018 Winter

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