Relocating Your Relationship

In Life, Love Is Not Everything, But Without Love, Life Is Nothing

By Wills Langedijk

Sharing new experiences, spending more time together as a family, and having to turn to each other because there is no-one else can bring you closer and make your relationship stronger.

But we can’t ignore that there are relationships that do not survive the stress of moving and living in another place.

Findings demonstrate that expatriate marriages end in divorce for two main reasons: first, due to a core issue in the marriage that exists before going abroad and which continues while abroad; and second, when one or both spouses is negatively influenced by an expatriate culture. And according to this study, the consequences of divorce for expatriates are immense and include bankruptcy, destitution, homelessness, depression, psychophysiological illness, alienation from children, and suicide.

So there is a lot at stake when the expat relationship turns sour and partners start to wonder whether a separation would be preferable to hanging in there.

EFT Couples Therapy offers a great way to learn about yourself, the other and love – thus furthering the chances of reconnecting. In trying times, this offer sounds hard to refuse.

2018 Summer

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