All I Really Need to Know About Dutch Education I Saw on De Luizenmoeder

By Greg Shapiro

Dutch TV has a real hit with De Luizenmoeder, set in a first-grade classroom at a Dutch grade school. I’m pretty sure it’s based on a true story, possibly my own. Here are some of the most recognizable quotes.

“Hallo Allemaal! Wat fijn dat jij er bent!” / “Hello, everyone! So fine that you are here.”
Such sweet words to start every class, but sung with a grimace by a teacher with a wide-eyed menace, ready to explode at any moment. They could have been studying my kids’ school. Every day started with a song, but the teacher was so high-strung we didn’t know who was more afraid of her: the students or the parents.

Greg Shapiro
2018 Spring

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