Preparation and Patience to (Re)Start Your Career

The signs are almost imperceptible. But we see them. The employment market is growing and opportunities for internationals looking for jobs in the Netherlands are increasing… incrementally perhaps, but we see the trend. Here at ACCESS, there is a slightly higher turnover in our volunteers. From within our own volunteer network, more people are finding jobs or paid internships. We celebrate this, even though it does – of course – place some strains on what we do. But, by the same token, as opportunities increase locally, so do the numbers of people coming in to the Netherlands for the first time. So while we may see more volunteers leaving us for paid jobs, we also see more coming to us. We, at ACCESS, are prepared; we are trained to manage this transition of supply and demand. We have processes, procedures, knowledge transfer mechanisms and more in place to be able to wish our volunteers a fond (though sometimes bittersweet) farewell, as we welcome newcomers with open arms.

Question is: are you, as a globally-mobile employee, or the ‘other half’ of one, as prepared as we are? From the resources we have, within the ACCESS Training Network, combined with our own institutional experience, we want to share a few tips to meet the challenge of tackling the dual-career spectrum.

Deborah Valentine
2018 Autumn

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