From the Point of View of… Sally Squirrell

Traveling alone had an unexpected side, too: “I had always thought that it would be just one crazy, massive party – but I didn’t really meet as many people my own age as I had thought I would. The people I met were quite a bit older than me – the ones that had influence anyway; who made me think about things. Instead, it turned out to be more a time of reflection.” What are the things that you thought about? “I suppose the things that I wanted in life. And the commitment I made to myself to take the time to be myself and do the things that I love.” Is there a moment she remembers in particular that made here feel like ‘now I’ve really come into my own’? “I think if you have the self-confidence to sit alone in a crowded restaurant in the middle of nowhere, with the waitress making a fuss as she’s taking away the extra setting – ‘you’re on your own then?’ – and everybody’s looking at you… If you can just think, ‘Well, stuff it. I’m here on my own and I’m going to order the best thing the menu!’ – then you’re in a good place.”

Stephanie Dijkstra
2015 Spring

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