From the Point of View of… Nancy Mayer

Nancy Mayer has a very special life; she makes a living teaching people how to sing. Or, in reality, how to find their voice. For she also gives speaking lessons.

“Fantastic voices are really fun to work with, because you can do a different repertoire, but what is more interesting to me is the journey of each person. The puzzle of trying to figure out what’s going to open up their voice or what’s going to help them express better. Even someone with a great voice may have issues that they just can’t get through. And sometimes talent puts up limits, because the student likes the thing they’re good at and doesn’t want to tackle the things they’re not good at. Whereas people who may have less talent are willing to work with the whole package. So, it’s the progress that is more interesting, rather than whether they have ‘a great voice’. And I love working one-on-one, getting to know the person.”

Stephanie Dijkstra
2018 Spring

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