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Dubravka, who studied English Language & Literature in Zagreb, as well as Philosophy, has two jobs: one, teaching English Teaching Methodology at the University of Utrecht and the other, teaching Research Methodology at the HVA University of Applied Sciences, at the Faculty of Education. “My aim is to stimulate what I call an enquiry-based learning habit, starting with the teachers. I want to stimulate teachers to be curious and to realize that reality is much more than they think it is – and to be more modest in their assumptions of what they know and to not fear or shy away from research. And my ultimate aim is for them to help children embrace a spirit of enquiry that is in all of us; we all want to know more about something – even if it’s only what the neighbors are doing.”

“I love the Dutch spirit; their directness, their willingness to work hard, their respect for others and their values of everyday life. And their tolerance – not because they don’t want to be bothered, or can’t be bothered, but because they believe that ‘yes, you may be different, but you don’t need my opinion about this’.”

Dubravka Knežić

Stephanie Dijkstra
2016 Spring

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