From the Point of View of… Arjen Wiersma

“What the Dutch don’t understand is that the democratic premise behind the Poldermodel can only be achieved within a group that has the same background/values, and the same business culture. It allows us to push forward towards a ‘shared’ purpose, following a process and fulfilling various roles that we all presume to be understood, and assuming that the meetings have one real aim: to fine-tune, modify and ‘align’ our ideas. However, this assumption can no longer be made when the team consists of people of various nationalities. Consequently, a lot of time is lost playing catch-up with ‘implicit’ premises.”

“These are the moments you never forget: the opportunity to make a child smile, by sharing the things that we take for granted and have in such abundance. Being back here, I miss being able to have such a direct positive impact on people’s lives.”

Stephanie Dijkstra
2014 Winter

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