Pastorale Delft!

Centrally located between The Hague, Rijswijk, and Rotterdam and within reach of Amsterdam, Delft doesn’t really require an introduction.

This central location is further achieved by its closeness to two airports, a new underground train station within walking/cycling distance and the nearby highways A4, A12, A13, and A20.

Delft has all the advantages of living in a city, without the disadvantages of living on a large scale.

In the beautiful Pastoor van Ars Church in the popular neighborhood of Hof van Delft, a unique plan has been developed that will transform the church and give it a second life.

This makes De Pastorale, located shoulder-to-shoulder with the historic city center, in the Hof van Delft quarter, and within walking and cycling distance of the business districts in and around Delft, an absolute top location.

The plan includes 14 homes. The specific circular shape of the church will be preserved. Within this area, eight homes will be constructed. On the spot of the old vicarage, five homes will be created – of which three will be apartments. Behind, in the deep garden, a detached villa will be built. The size of the houses will vary from 109 m2 to 233 m2. The plots will vary from 108 m2 to 496 m2.

All homes have their own parking spot on the project’s grounds.

Prices range from € 450,000 through € 985,000 – costs payable by seller – including parking space.

The project will be almost entirely energy-neutral and the homes can be adapted to the specific wishes of the owners, now and in the future, thanks to their flexible construction.

Delft’s new Pearl!


For more information please contact:

Van Daal Makelaardij
Voldersgracht 33

2018 Spring

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