Organic Wines

Remembering the often quite dismal quality of organic wines sold in the past, wine lovers might not be motivated to try the new wave of organic wines produced today, despite their recent world-class quality. Many of the wine world’s greatest names are now produced either organically or biodynamically, though until recently the big names preferred not to mention their natural production methods, in fear of being linked to the occasionally horrid organic wines of the past. Having said that, more and more producers are now willing to share their secret with the outside world.

Now that the ‘radio silence’ has been broken and many great names are openly into organic or biodynamic production, the rest of the wine world has been shaken awake. It looks like this old-fashioned way of cultivating grapes is back, and here to stay.


Are you interested to taste some really fine organic or biodynamic wines? On Saturday, September 26, from 1 P.M. till 5 P.M. there will be a free tasting at Bosman Wijnkopers, Frederik Hendriklaan 251, The Hague. On the tasting table there will be ten spectacular wines, all Organic or Biodynamic.


Nico McGough
2015 Autumn

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